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We currently are not going to run a Spring 2018 Soccer Schedule.  Please check back later for news of a Fall 2018 Schedule.

If you have any additional questions please call church office at 770-422-1089 or email churchoffice@stpaulumc.com
 **Ignite Sports Disclaimer, please read for registration. This is to certify that my permission is granted for my child to participate in organized sponsored activities whether on the church campus or away. Therefore, I acknowledge unless gross negligence is involved, St. Paul United Methodist Church or St. Paul United Methodist Church Employees cannot be held responsible for medical or hospital cost resulting from injuries that might occur by participating in St. Paul United Methodist Church program sponsored activities, or in transportation to or from the place where the activities are conducted. Children must be insured to participate in St. Paul United Methodist Church Programs. I have read or have had read to me the foregoing in its entirety and by completing this form do declare that I understand that any cost or injury resulting from participation in church sponsored activities is my responsibility.


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Here at St. Paul, we express the love of God by carrying the Gospel to the unchurched, leading them to become followers of Jesus Christ, and nurturing the Spiritual Growth of all.


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